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Alpha Tips: Leveraging Key Connectors to Invite Guests

It seems like on our course we have a few people who are really good at inviting guests to come.  Is this true for others?

Yes. Most of us put all our eggs into the basket of “everyone bring a guest to the next Alpha course.” But Pastor Doyle Van Gelder revealed his secret for getting new guests on his Alpha courses at the Senior Pastor’s Symposium in the Twin Cities on May 27. He recruits a handful of “key connectors” in his congregation to do most of the inviting. The job for the rest of the Alpha team then is to welcome these new guests and befriend them!

This concept comes from Malcolm Gladwell’s best selling book, The Tipping Point. In it Gladwell says that there are three key ingredients for something to “tip” from being just another event to becoming an “epidemic” (p. 70). One of those ingredients is getting people on board who know lots of other people (because it’s their nature). These connectors tend to know at least 2-5 times as many people as the rest of us. And—because it’s their nature to get to know lots of people, they are much more likely to know people from the community and from outside your church.

Pastor Doyle always gets a high percentage of guests from outside his church and from the community.

Application: take a few moments and identify 3-5 key connectors from past Alpha courses, or from your church, the “people who seem to know everyone.” Ask them if they could be lookouts and inviters of new guests to your fall course. The more key connectors you have working with you, the more new guests you’ll have on your course.

Thank you to Regional Director Steve Gartland for permission to use this tip.