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review: Just Walk Across the Room

This award-winning, four week DVD series is filled with real life stories from Bill Hybel’s experiences reaching out to people.

Bill does a great job communicating practical elements based on Gospel principles that he presents in simple ways. The series includes 4 talks, promotional video clips, participant’s guide and leader’s guide which fully explains everything that is needed to host the small group sessions, and references to Bill’s book, “Just Walk Across the Room.”

Each session lasts one hour and begins with a short video clip followed by an icebreaker, the 15 minute video, small group discussion, and then ends with summary and closing prayer. Similar to “Sharing Christ,” this resource will help Catholics to become comfortable with evangelization in a non-threatening way.

The topics are:
  • The Single Greatest Gift
  • Living in 3D
  • The Power of Story
  • Grander Vision Living
Order Just Walk Across the Room resources here.