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We are seeing GAT make a powerful impact across the globe! We invite you to read the reports and watch the testimonies of past GAT teams. We also have frequent updates and articles relating to GAT.


GAT Team in Kabale, Uganda, Africa

...."In our team devotions this morning we all agreed we are here in God's perfect plan, "for such a time as this."
Coleman Tyler, Associate Rector and Director of Outreach and Pastoral Care at Truro Anglican Church. Read more!


 Sierra Leone Flag

 GAT team in Sierra Leone, Africa

..."I was mesmerized by God’s deep, sustainable, and potentially flourishing work that had fallen on rich red soil. I thought, “This is mission’s work with a kingdom legacy!” One that can’t be destroyed by rebels with guns or debris from a hurricane. In fact, this Alpha model could be what Jesus had in mind when he said, “Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up and yielded a crop, a hundred times more than was sown.” (Luke 8:8)." Read more!


El Salvador Flag

 GAT Team in El Salvador, Central America

Click here to watch a video of one church in Oregon's experience running a GAT event in El Salvador.




Jamiaca Flag

GAT Team in Jamaica, Greater Antilles/ Caribbean

Deacon Steve Mitchell, National Director of Alpha for Catholics in the USA recently returned from leading a Global Alpha Training (GAT) event in Kingston, Jamaica. The GAT was coordinated at the invitation of Archbishop Reece. One hundred delegates from 22 parishes in Kingston attended the event. With an alarming number of teenagers joining local gangs, priests in Kingston are very keen to use Youth Alpha as a tool to transform the young society. It was evident that God was at work, preparing the hearts of the parish leaders whose hearts are burning with a desire to share the good news of Jesus and were looking for just the right method and tool to make their desire a reality. Read more!



GAT Team in Uganda, Africa

Read more about how one GAT team pressed on in spite of drought and earthquake to bring Alpha to local leaders in Uganda. ..."Participants were able to give and receive ministry in the sessions on pray and the Holy Spirit. Several people were healed of physical problems, while inner healings took place as well. With thousands of communicants and limited physical resources, ministry in Uganda is very demanding for priests, lay readers and their families. Even though this was a time of training, these servants received a time of restoration so that they could continue to give."


Honduras Flag

GAT team to Honduras, Central America

Victor Vigil and Leonel Orellana of Faith Christian Center in Holland, MI were delighted to have the opportunity to implement an Alpha course in the city of El Pino, Honduras. Having taken several trips to Honduras they found that Alpha was once again well received. "We are very excited to hear their testimonies at the conclusion of the course. I believe this course will help make a big impact in lives of the Honduran people. The Alpha program will also provide them necessary resources to grow in their relationship with Christ." Read more!


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