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Alpha Tips provide just in time learning for busy Alpha teams.  We have also created Alpha Tips Podcasts that you can forward to your team or share during team training.  Click on the links below to view an Alpha Tip where you will find a  list of articles that include best practices.
Leading Well              AlphaTips100x18buttonV2 Small Groups        AlphaTips100x18buttonV2
Worship on Alpha      AlphaTips100x18buttonV2   Reaching Seekers AlphaTips100x18buttonV2
Weekend Away         AlphaTips100x18buttonV2   Prayer on Alpha     AlphaTips100x18buttonV2
Promoting Alpha        AlphaTips100x18buttonV2   Giving Live Talks    AlphaTips100x18buttonV2
Building Your Team    AlphaTips100x18buttonV2   After Alpha            AlphaTips100x18buttonV2
Alpha & the Pastor    AlphaTips100x18buttonV2 FAQ's                   AlphaTips100x18buttonV2

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