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What is an A4M Alpha course?

The Alpha course in the armed forces is no different to that anywhere else. The idea is the same. The sessions are the same. The sequence is the same. However, the challenges of doing a course in the military environment require the course leader to be clear he or she is called by the Lord to do a course and that they are willing to think imaginatively and creatively to overcome, for example, the watch system on a deployed warship or the operational circumstances of a Forward Operating Base in Iraq.

It has been done and can be done and A4M is here to connect you up with the right resources and advice to help you run more and better Alpha courses. There is a strong link between A4M and Alpha in the Workplace and several bases are running Youth Alpha courses. A group of enterprising Army wives have even devised an excellent Kids Alpha course for pre-school through 6/7 grade children, which is available on request.

Any questions about organizing and running Alpha courses in the military? If so, please contact Chris Cairns

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