Chaplains and lay leaders have conducted Alpha courses as part of official Religious Program within the US armed forces since about 1999, when it was run on board the USS Kearsarge during a 6 month deployment. Many courses have been run over the last 6 years. In 2004, for example, we know that over 20 courses were run in the USA, Germany, Okinawa, Iraq and at a base in central Asia that cannot be named for security reasons.


An A4M Training Conference was held for 2 days near Eglin AFB, FL in early Dec 04. It was hosted by St, Jude's Episcopal Church and led to an Alpha course being run on base from Jan - Mar 2005. At least one airwoman committing her life to the Lord during the course.

This photo was taken in June 2004 at Lubbecke, Germany at the British Army's Chaplain Training Center, Church House. A4F ran an Alpha Training conference for chaplains which was attended by two USAF Chaplains then serving at the NATO base at Geilenkirchen, Germany.

The photo shows, left to right:  Chaplain, Captain, Stu King USAF. Stu is now using an abbreviated form of Alpha in his ministry with new USAF recruits at Lackland AFB, TX. Mrs Doreen Cripps, a Canadian whose husband served at the base - she was their Alpha course coordinator. A lady whose name I cannot remember, also from Canada, who was taking over as Alpha coordinator form Doreen. Chaplain, Major, Mark Stanford, USAF (since left active duty). Noel.

In Nov 04, Noel went to the USAF Wing Chaplains annual conference in Washington DC. There he met Technical Sergeant Noël York from Beale AFB, CA. She was the NCO in charge of the Chapel Center and was interested in taking Alpha materials back to her Chaplain for his consideration.

Noel. Chaplain, Major General Charles Baldwin USAF, Chief Chaplain. Chaplain, Brigadier General Cecil Richardson USAF, Deputy Chief Chaplain. Rev. Paul Cowley, Director, Alpha for Forces, Alpha International, London.

Here are two airmen eating their way to an Alpha experience at a course session at the USAF's Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany.