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What is Alpha in a Catholic context?

Alpha answers the call to the New Evangelization as one of the most effective, efficient and affordable methods of evangelization today.
  • Barna Research shows that 50% of the guests that come on an Alpha course have an initial conversion or reversion, entering into a deep and personal relationship with God through Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Alpha can be lay-led so it does not tax our over-extended clergy.
  • Alpha is affordable; everything needed to run the course for a minimal one-time investment.
Alpha for Catholics is a practical introduction to creedal Christianity over a 10 week course. Unique in its adult learning approach, Alpha meets participants where they are, starting with their questions.

Designed for those on the fringes of their faith and those outside the Church, Alpha creates a non-threatening environment of hospitality allowing people to explore the claims of Christ against the backdrop of our culture. Alpha provides an opportunity to encounter the love of God in a personal relationship through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. Alpha focuses on the kerygma and the basic tenants of Christianity.

Alpha also serves as a refresher course for practicing Catholics and a point of re-entry for lapsed Catholics.

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Alpha works best as part of an ongoing process of evangelization and catechesis within a parish.

Benefits for the parish:
  • Alpha is easily implemented - all the necessary components are provided
  • Alpha is a proven method of evangelization and re-evangelization for the baptized.
  • Alpha feeds adult education programs (such as RCIA)
  • Alpha encourages people to become active in the life of the parish
  • Alpha builds community
  • Alpha builds outward looking parishes
"The Person who has been evangelized goes on to evangelize others."
Pope Paul VI - Evangelii Nuntiandi