Alpha | Catholic Context 

What is Alpha in a Catholic Context?

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explores the Christian faith. It is a parish tool for evangelization that based on hospitality, sharing and prayer. Each session includes a meal, a talk and small group discussion, where no question is too simple and no answer pre-packaged.


Offering a meal or snack is an essential part of Alpha. Guests are welcomed into a relaxed and friendly setting and have the opportunity to get to know one another.


After the meal, a short talk is given on the Christian faith. The talks are based on the teaching of the Church, the Bible, and the personal testimony of the speaker. Topics vary from ‘Who is Jesus?’ to ‘How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?’

Small Group Discussion

The small groups provide the opportunity to build trust and friendship. The role of the host (leader) is to facilitate discussion, inviting guests to share openly and honestly, without any criticism or judgment. Within the group, guests learn the art of listening, reading the Scriptures and praying. The small groups often develop into prayer groups that may then become small Christian communities within the parish.