Alpha Invitation 

What is the Alpha Invitation?

The Alpha Invitation helps bring about community transformation through encouraging churches and organizations to pray together, plan and prepare together, and invite their town to Alpha Introductory events.

Christians are energized to work together across denominational lines to introduce people to Jesus at Alpha courses taking place across the region.  This raises the level of faith, unifies churches and ensures more people receive a personal Invitation to attend an introductory event. In each town where an Alpha Invitation takes place this year, the goal is that everyone will know they are invited!

Invitation Video Sonny Ryan from Alpha USA on Vimeo.

Alpha Invitations have been running in the USA since 2007 and we have consistently seen:

  • More guests at Alpha courses (average of 54%) with more people placing their faith in Jesus Christ (supported by The Barna Group data).
  • An increase in churches running Alpha (average of 37%)

Find out how you can get involved: Join an Alpha Invitation Team >>