Multicultural Alpha 

Communities all across the country are becoming increasingly diverse.

People, representing a wide variety of cultures, language groups and traditions, currently reside in our neighborhoods. Are we, the church, reaching them? Less than 10% of immigrants will be befriended by an American, let alone a Christian! How can we reach out to these new neighbors, co-workers and students with the love of Christ? How can we effectively share the Gospel with those whose primary language is not English?

The Alpha ESOL course is a highly effective outreach tool specifically designed to help people whose primary language is not English explore the Christian faith. Are you already running the course? Then you can help more seekers get connected by registering your course online!

Are you ready to get a course started ? Then drop us a note we would love to know how we can serve you!

Lisa Oelerich, Alpha USA, National Director/Alpha ESOL,

How is Alpha ESOL different from Traditional Alpha?

  • A series of short talks are presented by live speakers
  • The course is presented in simplified English  
  • We allow for more frequent discussion time and invite guests to consider each topic or idea, at a pace that is more comfortable.   
  • The format provides the guests with opportunities to listen and discuss their thoughts all through out the evening.
  • The course helps Christ followers become more competent in cross cultural and intercultural ministry through experiential learning  

Alpha ESOL guests are given an opportunity to: 

  • Explore the Christian faith
  • Meet people and make friends  
  • Speak English at a pace that is comfortable for them
  • Share their culture and traditions with others

Who Can Use the course?

  • International Student Ministries
  • ESL Ministries
  • Missional Communities
  • Church Planters
  • Ministries Reaching 1st and 2nd Generation Immigrants
  • Multi-Ethnic Churches
  • Ministries Reaching Refugees
Alpha ESOL course materials can flex for use in a variety of ministry contexts. Listen to a training recording on how to run Alpha in an ESOL context.