Pulse Movement


PULSE is a student-launched nonprofit organization that exists to reach the next generation through the Gospel of Jesus by doing large scale events on college campuses. 

This generation's statistics are alarming:

  • One in four struggle with drug or alcohol abuse, 60% have experimented with illicit drugs, and the average collegian spends $900 annually on alcohol. 
  • One in three students today struggle with depression and suicide is the third leading cause of death in those 15 - 24 years old.

PULSE was launched as a student-led initiative in response to the urgent needs facing our peers.

They believe the message of Jesus has the power to heal our generation, and they feel compelled to partner with communities to proclaim this message to as many as possible.


"Together, we sense God’s leading and timing in calling our ministries to co-labor, Intentionally bringing together our lines of friendship, our organizational strengths, and our campus relationships to reach more college students with the gospel and see them connected to a local church and/or campus ministry."

                                                                 -  Chris McFarland, Executive Director of Pulse           

     Campus Crusade



Campus Crusade for Christ exists to help fulfill the Great Commission by winning, building and sending in the power of the Holy Spirit. They also help the body of Christ do evangelism and discipleship.

Today's college students are tomorrow's world leaders. Imagine the changes the world would see if every one of the 110 million college students had an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel every year.

Campus Crusade wants to see students everywhere embrace the purpose, love and forgiveness that God offers them in a relationship with Jesus Christ.


"We are excited to announce our plans for increased collaboration with Alpha USA...  Through our growing organizational relationship, we are developing ways to make our resources more readily available to each other to accelerate our shared vision."  

                                                          -  Mark Gauthier, Executive Director of Campus Ministry, Cru.


 24-7 Prayer


24-7 Prayer USA is part of an “accidental” international prayer movement that began in September 1999, when a bunch of young people in England got the crazy idea of trying to pray non-stop for a month. Learn more about the 24-7 Prayer movement via the international website.

The 24-7 movement seeks to prioritize Christ's two greatest commandments: to love God with all our hearts and to love our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:30). They pray and work for reconciliation at three levels:
  • spiritually - where there is broken relationship with God
  • socially - where there is broken relationship between people, and
  • environmentally - where there is broken relationship with our world.
24-7 Prayer exists, therefore, 'to reconcile the world to God through Jesus Christ'. They seek to do this by mobilizing the Church in prayer, mission and justice.

"24-7 Prayer shares Alpha's absolute passion to see the re-evangelisation of the nation and the transformation of society and the conviction that prayer really is the key."

                                                           - Peter Greig, International Director of 24-7 Prayer