I Want to Be An A4M Advisor

Military Alpha is always seeking new Advisors who can volunteer whatever time they have available to support Alpha courses on their base, in their unit or at their nearby local church (aimed at men, women, young adults and kids from the military community).  We need committed and proactive volunteers who can get the word out about what a fantastic tool Alpha is to enhance the Christian ministry on or near the base.  Over-busy chaplains and Chaplain Assistants need help to rum these courses to maximize their  ministry.  Suitable lay leaders are needed to promote and educate folks on their base about Alpha and to organize or help run Alpha courses with the greatest effect possible.

If you feel a call to become a member of our unique team of Advisors, please have a look at the Alpha Advisors pages and links here. Then email Chris Cairns to discuss your interest in this role with him.

Alpha courses mainly used in the military context are:

- Campus (or Student) Alpha

- The Marriage Course and Marriage Preparation

- Alpha Express or Alpha 'Classic'. Spend a couple of hours, if you can make the the time, to watch Nicky Gumbel's excellent video presentations on the Principles of Alpha Part I (top of page) and Part II (scroll to bottom of page). Also, consider follow on courses such as A Life Worth Living, Challenging Lifestyle and Searching Issues.

- Youth Alpha.