“The communities we live in expect us to turn to one another and say that things are great, kids are great…love my job. But, are we really doing ‘great’? This little story really drills down into that facade we so readily put up for others to admire. Wherever you are in life— young, old, affluent, struggling to make ends meet— the nagging questions of life have to be dealt with. I think THE BREAKTHROUGH pushes one to rethink the way most of us are living our lives. Perhaps one of the more important ‘pushes’ that you can receive.”
LOUIS GIULIANO, Former Chairman, President, and CEO of ITT Corp
“With the recent financial collapse, many in the marketplace are hurting. Promotions are gone, bonuses are gone…many are searching for something more…something everlasting. Prepare yourself to be introduced to a new and better way of living! No matter how skeptical you may be, I urge you to approach THE BREAKTHROUGH with an open mind. You just might discover the secrets to everlasting peace, joy, and happiness.”
Mark Linsz, Corporate Treasurer, Bank of America
“How we view the world and live our lives has a huge impact not only on us, but also on our loved ones, our communities, and even our culture. THE BREAKTHROUGH is a powerful parable and presents an excellent opportunity for people to consider whether there might be a better way of understanding life. As a follow up, I encourage every reader to attend an Alpha course to find out how it is that millions of lives are being transformed around the world.”
Chuck Colson, Founder, The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, Founder, Prison Fellowship
“Gerard Long’s THE BREAKTHROUGH helps to give purpose, meaning, and understanding to life’s biggest questions. Long writes in an honest, straight-forward fashion—helping one see the pathway to getting the most out of life. His Dr. David Heeley felt—like so many of us—that he had all the answers to life’s questions until his children and Alpha helped him realize that he wasn’t even asking the right questions. THE BREAKTHROUGH is a compelling read.”
Bob Milligan, Founder and Chairman, M.I. Industries and Nature’s Variety, Inc., Immediate Past Chairman, U. S. Chamber of Commerce
“Gerard Long has written a wonderful book that will appeal to Christians and non-Christians alike. The Alpha course has been successful worldwide and has appeal to churches of varying denominations. This book will be of great interest to all, as it addresses important questions all of us must confront in our lives.”
PHILIP F. ANSCHUTZ, Chairman and CEO, The Anschutz Corporation, parent company of Walden Media, which produced “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”
“Each of us has her own life journey and what others see sometimes looks very different from what it really is. Secretly, we wonder, ‘Does my life have purpose? Do my children, my husband, my work, my reputation fill me up?’ Read THE BREAKTHROUGH and then begin the Alpha course journey to confront the inner longings which keep us striving for those things that fade away rather than those things that last eternally.”
Jackie J. Renwick, Founder and President, The Mustard Seed, A Fair Trade Shop Inc.
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