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#WRAPitinRED – An Alpha Movement In NE Ohio

Five "P's" to See it Happen
Alpha NE Ohio’s goal is to build a movement of more and better Alphas here to see more people reached for Christ. Using a combination of Five "P's": Prayer, Prepare and Plan, Promotion and Partner… we want to empower God's people to invite more people to Alpha. Our hope is to invite 600,000 people or more to an Alpha in NE Ohio between now and the end of 2022—with the potential to see 60,000 or more new Christ-followers in our region.

The “red” wording (#WRAPitinRED) comes from the red graphics used on many of our billboards, car magnets, church banners and postcard invitations.  The red also represents God’s mercy and kindness that He showed us as Jesus shed His blood on the cross.  #WRAPitinRED at its core is an effort to see God’s loving arms wrapped around the people of NE Ohio as they’re invited to Alpha by you and me

How Can You Be Involved?
Prayer: The Core Value Of Alpha

The first week of every month—Alpha sends out to our entire email list prayer request and “yeah God” praise reports—with prayer fueling everything else that we do.

Prepare And Plan: Training And Resourcing For Building And Running Your Alpha

Training is essential.  CLICK HERE to register for all trainings.  Ongoing training leads to continuous improvement.
Alpha has resources for Preparing and Planning Your AlphaTraining Your Team—and Running Your Alpha.  CLICK HERE for the front page of the Alpha Store.  A limited amount of core resources will be available at trainings. 

Promote: Tools For Mobilizing And Resourcing Your Church Or Ministry

Alpha is a financial undertaking for any church or ministry.  Alpha NE Ohio is committed to providing the following Promotional Tools free of charge to any church or ministry in NE Ohio.  PLEASE NOTE that your church or ministry MUST be in the NE Ohio Region to qualify for any of these items, and the items must be ordered by someone registered on the Alpha website as being a part of your church or ministry:
  • Register Your Course: CLICK HERE and fill out the form to register your course.  This gives those who see the #WRAPitinRED promotional pieces the opportunity to FIND A COURSE
  • Red 4' by 8' “Searching for More” Red Banner: To receive the banner for your church or ministry—CLICK HERE and fill in the form.  We’ll either ship or make arrangements for dropping your banner off. 
  • Red “Searching for More” Car Magnet: Mobilize your people—and create a growing awareness of Alpha in NE Ohio, by CLICKING HERE and ordering the car magnets.  For churches or ministries averaging MORE than 500 in weekly attendance—order 10% of your weekly attendance.  For churches or ministries averaging 499 or LESS—order up to 20% of your weekly attendance.  
  • Custom Printed Red Postcards (other designs also availableCLICK HERE and fill out the form to populate the customizable portions of the Alpha Postcard Invitation.  We suggest ordering what’s needed for inserting in the bulletins for one Sunday—and additional 20% to have around the church for people to pick up for inviting.  Allow two weeks from ordering until delivery.
  • Use the “Conversation with Your Church Promotional Plan: We've put together a promotion plan that provides everything you need for mobilizing those you lead to become involved in seeing other people's lives impacted for Christ, including video and verbal announcements. CLICK HERE to access the plan.
  • Use “Featured Videos”: Go to our Alpha NE Ohio Facebook page Featured Videos Section to utilize the videos for both letting your church know what Alpha is and motivating them to invite others to an Alpha.  We have great stories as well as sixty-second “commercials.”