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Ordering Alpha Resources from the Alpha USA | nE ohio Regional Team

Thanks for ordering from the Alpha USA NE Ohio Regional Team and being a part of sowing back into NE Ohio!

To order, do the following:
1. Visit the Alpha Store, and note the following for each item you’re ordering:

The name of the product | The SKU number | The quantity you’re ordering

2. Send an email by clicking here, and in that email put the following:
Name | SKU Number | Quantity for every item you’re ordering
Your Contact info:
Full Name
Name of Church or Ministry
Address for Church or Ministry
Your best phone number for contacting you
Whether you want the item shipped or if you want to pick up in Olmsted Falls, OH

3. We will get back to you via email to communicate with and/or email you the following:
If there’s anything we don’t have in stock that you’ll need to order from Alpha USA directly we’ll let you know
The full amount of the items we have and a shipping amount if you don’t want to pick up the order
A sales receipt for you to use in writing or requesting a check (we CANNOT ACCEPT credit cards)

4. Upon the check being received or you stopping to pick up the order with a check, the order will be shipped or released to you.

5. If you do not wish to pay taxes on your order, we ask that you scan and email to us when you initially order a copy of your church or ministry’s 501(c)3 form for us to keep on file. This must be received by the time the order is shipped or picked up. If not, taxes will be charged.

For questions, please email

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