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#WRAPitinRED – The Alpha NE Ohio Invitation
Five Tools (5 P's) to see it happen

Beginning now and moving into the fall of 2014 and beyond, we’re building a growing movement here in NE Ohio. The initial goal is to “Wrap NE Ohio in Red” (#WRAPitinRED)—a combination of five tools (the 5 "P's"): Prayer, Prepare and PlanPromotion and Partner… all to empower God’s people to invite others to Alpha.  The ultimate goal of this movement is to invite 600,000 people or more to an Alpha in NE Ohio between now and the end of 2020—with the potential to see 60,000 or more new Christ-followers in our region.


Imagine churches and ministries of all denominations across NE Ohio unified by the core essential of bringing the gospel to our area with red banners in front of churches, red car magnets on thousands of cars, and red postcard invitations given to friends and neighbors (free to churches). We believe #WRAPitinRED will peak the curiosity of a watching world and empower unified Christ-followers to bring the gospel.

 The “red” wording comes from the red “Searching for More?” graphic used on our billboards, car magnets, church banners and postcard invitations.  But on a much deeper level, the red represents God’s mercy and kindness that He showed us as Jesus shed His blood on the cross.  #WRAPitinRED at its core is an effort to see God’s loving arms wrapped around the people of NE Ohio as they’re invited to Alpha by you and me.

How Can You Be Involved?

Prayer: The Core Value of Alpha

Prayer is foundational to Wrapping NE Ohio in Red.  Jesus clearly tells us to “pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”  The Bible also tells us to pray for strength, for boldness, for God’s power—and for His love.  If you don’t already receive the Alpha NE Ohio monthly update email—CLICK HERE (clicking on this link will produce a blank email document addressed to and put “Email Update” in the subject line. For more prayer ideas—CLICK HERE.

Prepare and Plan: Training and Resourcing for Building and Running Your Alpha
Training is essential both for your Core Team (Getting Started Training Part One) and your Table Hosts and Assistants (Getting Started Training Part Two).  CLICK HERE to register for all trainings.  We hope to see every Alpha Team—new and more experienced teams—be a part of these updated training times.

Alpha has resources for Preparing and Planning Your AlphaTraining Your Team—and Running Your AlphaCLICK HERE for the front page of the Alpha Store.  A limited amount of core resources will be available at trainings. 

Keep your Alpha Team involved by entering them into Course Builder.  Your Alpha Team consists of Course Administrators, Table Hosts and Assistants.  Then, after Alpha starts, keep your Alpha Guests engaged by entering them into Course Builder. This way, everyone involved in your Alpha will receive weekly updates tailored specifically for them.

Promote: Tools for Mobilizing and Resourcing Your Church or Ministry
Alpha is a financial undertaking for any church or ministry—both in terms of resources (guest manuals, Why Jesus?, etc.) and food.  Alpha NE Ohio is committed to support your Alpha by providing the following Promotional Tools free of charge to any church or ministry in NE Ohio doing Alpha.  PLEASE NOTE that your church or ministry MUST be in the NE Ohio Region to qualify for any of the items below, and the items must be ordered by someone registered on the Alpha website as being a part of your church or ministry:

  • Register Your Course: CLICK HERE and fill out the form to register your course.  This gives those who see the #WRAPitinRED promotional pieces the opportunity to FIND A COURSE
  • Red 4' by 8' “Searching for More” Red Banner: To receive the banner for your church or ministry—CLICK HERE and fill in the form.  We’ll either ship or make arrangements for dropping your banner off. 
  • Red “Searching for More” Car Magnet: Empower and mobilize your people—while creating a growing awareness of Alpha in NE Ohio, by CLICKING HERE and ordering the car magnets.  For churches or ministries averaging MORE than 500 in weekly attendance—order 10% of your weekly attendance.  For churches or ministries averaging 499 or less—order up to 20% of your weekly attendance.  Please order these as soon as you’re ready to start getting them on cars—to begin promoting as soon as possible. alpha-magnet2014-nobleed2jpeg 
  • Custom Printed “Searching for More” Red Postcard Invitations: CLICK HERE and fill out the form to populate the customizable portions of the red Alpha Postcard Invitation.  We suggest ordering the quantity closest to double the amount of your average weekly meeting attendance.  Order in time to have postcards on hand for summer outreaches, VBS, etc., and allow 7 to 10 business days from the time of ordering to arrival of the postcards.
  • Use the Five-Week Promotion Plan: We've put together a Five-Week Promotion Plan that provides everything you need for mobilizing those you lead to become involved in seeing other people's lives impacted for Christ, including video and verbal announcements. CLICK HERE to access the plan.
  • Evite: Personalize the message, design, and delivery of a professional email invite about your Alpha (coming soon).
  • Share Alpha iPhone App: CLICK HERE and download this App and share/post/tweet on social media
Partner: Sowing into Changed Lives and Churches in NE Ohio
  • Your generosity is an essential part of seeing people in NE Ohio awakend to the gospel: Alpha is ultimately about seeing people come to know Jesus Christ in a real and authentic way.  One of the things required is for hundreds of people, giving gifts big and small--to partner with Apha here in NE Ohio.  To give CLICK HERE and follow the simple instructions for becoming a monthly (desired) or one-time (much appreciated) partner with Alpha here in NE Ohio.  All gifts are deeply appreciated and are tax-deductible.