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Prayer Support Network

Welcome to our Catholic Prayer Support Network across the USA!


Prayer Points:

  • For Pope Francis, protection and health as he continues to impact world events and individual lives by his humility and witness
  • For lasting spiritual fruit to come from the national "Catholics Come Home" media Initiative and for Alpha courses to support churches that welcome returning members.
  • For new Alpha courses getting ready to begin.
Contacts for prayer requests:
Catholic National Director: email Deacon Steve Mitchell at

News from Alpha International - the latest Alpha in a Catholic Context update:

Our Praying Teams:

Teams are setup across the time zones so that they have a common time to come to prayer once a month. They are also contact points to add other groups who have agreed to pray for the success of the Alpha Course in Catholic Parishes as well as Alpha world wide. These other groups are like the beehive communicating to the worker bees, in this case, interceding in our behalf with God so a culture of Pentecost can flourish across our parishes in this Third Millennium springtime.

Our Team Meetings for Prayer:

Central Time Zone - The team meets on a conference call setup once a month for their time zone. For example, the Midwest is in the Central time zone. We will have a conference call for prayer on the first Thursday of every month at 12 noon moderated at this time by CORE Ministries which is located in Minnesota. Contact CORE Ministries at: if you are interested in joining us.

New England/Eastern Time Zone - Dick Kiernan and others have agreed to host a conference call for prayer in the New England/Eastern Time Zone as follows: Alpha NE Catholic Team, contact him at: for particulars.

Eastern Time Zone - Deacon Steve Mitchell, National Director for Alpha for Catholics in the USA likewise is hosting a monthly prayer meeting in the Eastern Time Zone. Contact him at

Community Prayer:

Here is a list of all the communities who have agreed to pray for our programs on a regular basis whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, as well as in their Eucharistic Adoration Chapels.

Name of Group Weekly/Monthly/Adoration)

School Sisters of Notre Dame (Mankato, MN)
Intercessors of the Lamb (Nebraska)
Benedictines (St. Joseph, MN)
Franciscans of Little Falls Minnesota
Order of the Poor Claires
Sisters of St. Joseph
Disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ (Prayer Town, Texas)
Handmaids of the Lord Jesus Christ (New Ulm, MN)
St. LeBre Indian Reservation
Alpha New England Catholic Outreach Team
Zambian Children's Mission (Africa)
St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church (Buffalo, MN) Adoration
Holy Trinity Adoration (Winsted, MN)
St. Timothy's Catholic Church (Maple Lake, MN) Adoration
St. Anastasia Catholic Church (Hutchinson, MN) Adoration
St. Mary's Catholic Church (Waverly, MN) Adoration
Celebrate Jesus Prayer Group (Maple Lake, MN)
St. Timothy's Prayer Chain (Maple Lake, MN)
CORE Ministries Prayer Chain (Minnesota/Wisconsin/Nebraska/Iowa)
Diaconate Prayer Chain (St. Paul/Minneapolis)
Ecumenical Prayer Group (Howard Lake, MN)
Life in the Spirit Prayer Group (Waverly/Winsted, MN)