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Review: Knowing God Even Better:

This 5 part series primarily introduces the Trinity in a simple and loving way.

1) The first part speaks about “Knowing the Father’s Love,” and the presentation speaks about how many individuals may have grown up without fathers or carry wounds from their fathers, and so it speaks of God the Father filling this void and healing the past. It ends with a list of many verses that focus on the love and identify of God the Father.
2) The second is “Knowing Jesus as Lord,” and it speaks of how Jesus calls us to imitate his character and become holy, and he shows us the way.
3) The third talk is “Knowing the Spirit as Friend” and speaks of many ways the Holy Spirit helps us in our daily lives by giving us strength, guidance, and power so we can be transformed.
4) Knowing God's Presence
5) Knowing the Great Commission

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