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Review: The Little Rock Scripture Study

I have been using the Little Rock Scripture Study series for several years. We have used them with great success in the parishes that I have been assigned. There are many areas where our Catholic laity is lacking but knowledge of Scripture is sadly one of the most serious deficits in the typical parish. Starting with the “Introduction to Scripture” 6 week series and advancing through the synoptic gospels, then several Hebrew books and finally the most exciting study on the Book of Acts; our parishioners have learned to love the study of God’s word.

The typical study will range from 6 – 10 weeks, 1 night per week, and includes brief lectures given by scripture scholars on DVD that run about 20 minutes. The very affordable study guides then help the participant reflect on a series of readings over the week and lead small groups through an adult learning discussion. I’ve found most of the talks to be very engaging, informative and solidly based on a Catholic interpretation of scripture.

We highly recommend the Little Rock Scripture series for any parish that lacks the availability of a scripture scholar to guide these 6 – 10 week studies on specific topics or specific books in the Bible.

This review was completed by Deacon Steve Mitchell

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