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Review: Seven Steps to Becoming Financially Free

Phil Lenahan’s series on financial stewardship combines Scripture and catechism reading assignments, chapter assignments from the book, “Seven Steps to Becoming Financially Free,” and practical application assignments to work on things like budgets, saving, giving, buying, etc.

In addition to the workbook assignments, participants are encouraged to take part in a small group session. This comprehensive approach provides great opportunities for Catholics to improve their financial and spiritual stewardship.

There is also a facilitator’s workbook to lead the small group sessions and DVD introductions for each session. Following the sessions the series ends with a graduation ceremony. The result is that Catholics become much better stewards of God’s gifts and the parish community will see many more people giving and serving to advance God’s kingdom.

Here are the topics for the 6 Sessions:
• Becoming a Steward of Providence
• Marriage and Money; Work: A Path to Holiness
• Children and Money; Giving and Growing
• 7 Steps to Becoming Financially Free; Breaking Free From Debt
• Home Sweet Home; Smart Spending
• Saving and Investing with a Purpose; Six Habits for Successful Investors; Pulling it All Together

Order Seven Steps resources here.