Come and Experience Alpha in

London, England – Holy Trinity Brompton Church

Experience Alpha is an invite only event. It is an opportunity to gather with a a small group of strategic leaders from churches of influence across the nation to explore Alpha together at its point of origin – Holy Trinity Brompton Church. This is designed to be a highly relational and conversational gathering.

During our time together we will discuss the story and convictions behind Alpha - a tool that has helped over 24 million people around the world discover Jesus. We will engage in conversation with pastors and staff from both HTB and Alpha International around the learnings and breakthroughs they have had in developing Alpha in their unique context, and also process the challenges of church growth, evangelism, and reaching the next generation in an increasingly post-Christian culture.

We will finish by going behind the scenes and experiencing an actual Alpha evening at HTB. These “Experience Alpha” gatherings have proven to be the best way to help leaders understand Alpha and the culture behind it.

We anticipate great times of discovery, new friendships, and encountering God together.


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January 15-17, 2018

September 17-19, 2018

Leaders' Experiences

"The holy spirit met me in a powerful way and prompted some changes in my ministry. Powerful stuff, very thankful for the team environment and culture of HTB and Alpha to create a space for God to work." - Seth Bazacas, Trinity Grace Church, NY

"My philosophy on ministry was rocked, primarily from seeing HTB in motion. Renewed passion for ministry, evangelism, holy spirit engagement. Excited to start alpha and put it as a core pillar of the ministry I lead."  - Matthew Comer, Westside: A Jesus Church, OR

“Alpha is as much a culture as a program.”  - Dave MaGee, Resurrection Leawood, KS

“It’s not a surprise that God is at work. It’s because you invite him to work. You're creating the right atmosphere and environment for him to work has been very obviousthere is an obvious dependence in the Alpha community, and if he doesn’t come and he doesn’t show up life change won’t occur." - Bill Willits, Northpoint Community Church, Atlanta

"In our church when we look at the numbers of adults coming to faith – of any age – it makes us all nervous. So we are looking for answers. One of the things that we are really curious about is that Alpha is non-sectarian and that is amazing. That is one of the great challenges in the US." -  John Herrington, Hill Country Bible Church, TX

“This has been so much more than training. This has been a transformation, life changing, paradigm shifting experience for me, and has deeply impact the way I will go back to run Alpha.” Tyler Grissom, Cherry Hills Community Church, CO

"I had heard about Alpha, but from an outside perspective and didn’t see how it would fit with who we were as a church. After exploring it more deeply, I now see Alpha as helping further our culture."  - Chuck Bomar, Colossae Church, OR

"Alpha expanded and "destructured" my ideas and thoughts about God. A renewed passion for souls!  - Hambali Leonardi - St. Andrews Cathedral, Singapore



Danielle Kemp
Strategic Church Networks Associate Director

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