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Experience Alpha is an invite only event held in multiple locations across the USA. Each gathering provides a unique opportunity to connect with peer leaders from strategic churches across denominational lines to explore Alpha together.

Experience Alpha showcases the story and convictions behind the Alpha Course – a tool that has helped millions of people around the world to discover Jesus. In a relational, conversational format, we have the chance to engage the challenges and opportunities of church growth, unity, evangelism, and reaching the next generation in an increasingly post-Christian culture.

We will go behind the scenes to watch Alpha in motion in a local church context, and interview pastors and leaders around best practices and breakthrough moments.

These “EA” gatherings have proven to be the best way to help leaders understand Alpha and the culture behind it.

Choose a location that works best for you and join us. We anticipate a great time of discovery, new friendships, and encountering God together.

“Our church was leaning really hard into mission. What we discovered is that people were really good at getting into relationships with people far from God, but it was really hard to actually open up in-depth conversations about the gospel. That's where Alpha for us has been this genius kind of way to help our people take the gospel to the city, because the city doesn’t want to come to church anymore.”
John Mark Comer - Sr. Pastor, Bridgetown Church, Portland, OR


“This is one of the greatest opportunities in American history to be a follower of Jesus. All of the things that are pulling our culture apart, the church has an answer to through the power of the gospel. Alpha helps to equip churches to learn how to reach out with the love of Jesus by providing tangible tools and resources.”
- Jon Tyson - Lead Pastor, Church of the City, NYC, NY

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May 29 - 30, 2019

Hosted by Cherry Hills Community Church, a large, vibrant, missional church, we will engage in conversations with key local leaders including Senior Pastor, Shane Farmer. He will share how experiencing Alpha's culture while attending an EA event, and seeing the power and presence of God at work in the church that started Alpha, opened his eyes to "there is so much more." Profoundly impacted personally, Shane returned with a renewed dependence on the Spirit leading this 6,000+ mega-church community into spiritual renewal and seeing a significant impact on the people, the church and the city. 


New York City

2020 - Date TBA

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Southern California

September 24 - 25, 2019

Vintage Church, a flourishing, multi-campus church west of Downtown Los Angeles will be our host. We will engage in conversations with key local leaders including Senior Pastor, Ger Jones who has extensive history with Alpha both locally and globally. Originally from Yorkshire, England, Ger started his journey at HTB Church in London - Alpha’s birthplace. In 2011, he and his wife answered the call to plant a church in Westside L.A. with an emphasis on 'word and Spirit' ministry and reaching the lost through Alpha. Having grown a thriving Alpha course at Vintage, Ger is also a coach to many church planters and pastors helping them to grow Alpha and see it thrive in their context.

Leader's Experiences

"It changed my life! What if we sought Him in prayer more and became more dependent on the Holy Spirit the way we witnessed Alpha leaders doing; what could happen?"- Sr. Pastor Shane Farmer, Cherry Hills Community Church, CO

"I came with a curiosity and left with a deeper desire to do something more significant in the Kingdom of God. The Culture of Alpha is retraining the church to be the Church once again - if these cultural shifts actually take root, the church that I’m a part of will be a radically different expression of God’s goodness in our community." - Sr. Pastor Richard Kannwischer, Peachtree Church, GA

"Witnessing ROCKHARBOR run Alpha and seeing non-staff not simply doing a volunteer task but having an integral part in ministry is awesome, creates ownership and a vibrant church culture.” - Pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, CA

“I've been inspired and working towards securing space, training leaders, and getting the ball rolling on hopefully two Alpha courses in the next ministry year…. It's very exciting and I think can have a huge impact on our church and our neighborhoods.” - Campus Pastor Brad Thayer, Bethany Community Church, WA

"Understanding how Alpha can impact the culture of your church and hearing from various churches and voices share about their experience with Alpha -was helpful and very impactful." – Pastor Scott Swanson, The Grove, AZ

"By seeing how Alpha is so interconnected to the DNA of a local church, it is evident how this is not an add-on outreach program, but it is a commitment to reaching non-believers that helps energize and redirect the entire life of the church." - Teaching Pastor Charlie Dunn, Highland Park Presbyterian Church, TX

"In our church when we look at the numbers of adults coming to faith – of any age – it makes us all nervous. So we are looking for answers. One of the things that we are really curious about is that Alpha is non-sectarian and that is amazing. That is one of the great challenges in the US." - Executive Pastor, John Herrington, Hill Country Bible Church, TX

“This has been so much more than training. This has been a transformation, life changing, paradigm shifting experience for me, and has deeply impacted the way I will go back to run Alpha.” - Pastor Tyler Grissom, Cherry Hills Community Church, CO


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