Come and Experience Alpha

Experience Alpha is an invite only event. It is an opportunity to gather with a a small group of strategic leaders from churches of influence across the country to explore Alpha together. This is designed to be a highly relational and conversational gathering.

During our time together we will discuss the story and convictions behind Alpha - a tool that has helped over 24 million people around the world discover Jesus, and process the challenges of church growth, evangelism, and reaching the next generation in an increasingly post-Christian culture.

We will go behind the scenes and experience actual Alpha’s in motion and engage in conversation with pastors and staff around the learnings and breakthroughs they have had in developing Alpha in their unique contexts.

These “Experience Alpha” gatherings have proven to be the best way to help leaders understand Alpha and the culture behind it.

We anticipate great times of discovery, new friendships, and encountering God together.



Experience Alpha in...


St. Ann’s (Catholic Context) 
March 7-8, 2018


Cherry Hills Community Church
June 13-14, 2018

Southern California

ROCKHARBOR Church & Vintage Church
Oct 2-3, 2018

We will be hosted by two thriving California churches:  ROCKHARBOR Church in Costa Mesa and Vintage Church in Santa Monica. We will engage in conversation with Campus Pastor Ash Meaney from ROCKHARBOR and Lead Pastor Ger Jones from Vintage who have extensive history with Alpha both locally and globally. Starting their journey at HTB Church in London (home of Alpha) they will share their experiences, learnings and perspectives on the development of Alpha in their unique contexts.

New York City

TGC, COTC & Wellspring Church
Oct TBD, 2018

We will be hosted by Trinity Grace Church - a vibrant, missional family of neighborhood parish churches across New York City.  

We will go behind the scenes and experience an actual Alpha in motion at TGC – Chelsea.  Lead Pastors David and Liza Louw and Seth Bazacas from TGC-Queens will join Todd Proctor to facilitate conversations around the learnings and breakthroughs they have had in developing Alpha in their unique contexts.

TGC founder Jon Tyson, who now leads Church of the City in Midtown, will also be joining us to share his passion for uniting pastors to pray, learn and work together in planting missional churches in city centers for the renewal of our cities and our world.

Leaders' Experiences

"Witnessing ROCKHARBOR run Alpha and seeing non-staff not simply doing a volunteer task but having an integral part in ministry is awesome, creates ownership and a vibrant church culture.”  -  Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, CA

“I've been inspired and working towards securing space, training leaders, and getting the ball rolling on hopefully two Alpha courses in the next ministry year…. It's very exciting and I think can have a huge impact on our church and our neighborhoods.” - Brad Thayer, Bethany Community Church, WA

"Understanding how Alpha can impact the culture of your church and hearing from various churches and voices share about their experience with Alpha -was helpful and very impactful." – Scott Swanson, The Grove, AZ

"By seeing how Alpha is so interconnected to the DNA of a local church, it is evident how this is not an add-on outreach program, but it is a commitment to reaching non-believers that helps energize and redirect the entire life of the church." - Charlie Dunn, Highland Park Presbyterian Church, TX

"In our church when we look at the numbers of adults coming to faith – of any age – it makes us all nervous. So we are looking for answers. One of the things that we are really curious about is that Alpha is non-sectarian and that is amazing. That is one of the great challenges in the US." -  John Herrington, Hill Country Bible Church, TX

“This has been so much more than training. This has been a transformation, life changing, paradigm shifting experience for me, and has deeply impact the way I will go back to run Alpha.” Tyler Grissom, Cherry Hills Community Church, CO



Danielle Kemp
Strategic Church Networks Associate Director