Facilitator Notebook

The Facilitator Notebook was designed to help leaders and volunteers as a guideline and reference tool. Although as each institution is different and thus to some degree your course will be different from others, there are some components of the Alpha Course that we call Alpha DNA, which should be consistent among all courses. Over time a truly successful course will contain many different changes, but this notebook will give you the inside steps/guidelines to have a blessed experience running the Alpha course. Our vision is to share the gospel with inmates, and to train them to share the gospel with others.

Running the Course

The following is a plan and worksheet to help you get started with the steps you need to prepare for your Alpha course, plan your course, and promote your course.

Issues to Consider will help answer questions about working in and with the prison/jail facilities.

Alpha Course Certificates are a wonderful way to document and reward the participants.

Course Materials Provided

Alpha provides the Alpha course and other curriculum addressing character development, anger management, child/family relationships, addiction prevention and daily living skills.

Peer to Peer Program

Peer to Peer program is for inmates that have taken the Alpha course and been involved in previous courses as a helper or table leader. This is a new era for Alpha in prisons, as it has always been lead by outside volunteers. Inmates will be setting the example for other inmates across the nation. They can step up to being a Peer Facilitator. Materials and training are available at no cost.

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