Am I lovable? Who can I trust? Does my life matter? Where do I fit in?

Do you ever ask yourself these questions? You’re not alone!


Exploring faith with others is a great way to start (or continue!) your journey. Try it for yourself with this three-week experience called “ever wonder?” and see how exploring these topics with others in just one hour or less a week could unlock something new for you. No strings attached, we’d love to hear your thoughts and learn together, but if you feel more comfortable, watch the videos on your own or chat with someone close to you.

What if you weren't alone?

What if you weren't alone?

Explore what it looks like to be meaningfully connected with others.

What if your life had meaning?

What if your life had meaning?

Explore a way to find meaning in your life.

What if you were loved?

What if you were loved?

Explore a path to finding yourself.


We currently do not have groups available to join, drop your contact information* in the field below and we will reach out when more groups become available. All “ever wonder?” videos are free and available for you to watch on your own or with a friend.


*Your privacy is important to us and we will not sell or share your contact information with other organizations.


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If you are intrigued by this “ever wonder?” series, we encourage you to try Alpha to continue this journey. Alpha is a space where you can ask anything and continue to explore life’s biggest questions. You can try Alpha online or in person; we’d be happy to help you get connected with a great Alpha experience that works for you. Find an Alpha that fits your needs here.

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