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Our curated products are designed for you to run a course that fits the context & season of your ministry.

Alpha Youth Series

Designed to engage students in conversations about life, faith and Jesus, the Alpha Youth Series offers breaks for discussion throughout the short talks to make it simpler for them to share their thoughts and questions.

Additional Series

Our additional series were developed to help support and enhance your Alpha Youth Experience.

Alpha Youth Elements

Experience the power of customization with Alpha Youth Elements. Get everything you need to create a personalized Alpha Youth experience.

5 Steps to Run Alpha Youth

The Team

The Team

Envision, build, and train your team with our training sources and a posture of prayer.

The Product

The Product

Choose from a menu of products and register to run Alpha! Don’t forget to promote your event.

The Launch

The Launch

Operate in the power of God’s presence in prayer, discipleship, and mission.

The Follow Through

The Follow Through

Create a welcoming environment that promotes diversity and warmth.



Keep the ball rolling! Continue to develop and enhance your culture by registering your next Alpha Youth course today.
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What is Alpha Youth?

Alpha Youth offers content and guidance for churches, ministries, and individuals to create a space for young people to have honest and open conversations about life’s biggest questions. Everyone is welcome and no questions are off limits.

What does it cost?

Alpha Youth is 100% free. Everything is available to you, right now.

Who can run Alpha Youth?

Anyone! Alpha Youth products were designed to be run by youth leaders, youth workers, churches, and young people who are interested in creating space for teens and young adults to discuss life’s biggest questions.

How do I start?

Start by choosing your product to get access to the content, resources, training videos, promotional material, & anything else you might need to get going!

What can I expect from the Alpha Youth Team?

Our team is here to offer resources and support you! We are regularly developing and distributing new resources, trainings, and content. To get in touch with us Contact Us here or

What is MyAlpha?

MyAlpha is our platform where you can run the Alpha Youth Series & Alpha Youth Elements. 

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Still Have Questions?

You don’t have to do this on your own! Reach out to get in contact with someone from our team so we can help.

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Sign up for free today to start learning how to run Alpha. Learn how to train your team, promote your Alpha, and then you can download all of the videos and resources online.


Workshops in this Track

Navigating the Waters of Faith and Politics

Speakers: John Wentz, Executive Director, Alpha USA, and Josh Williams, Associate National Director of Evangelism and Justice, Vineyard USA

This election year is ramping up to be as polarized as ever. Equip yourself and your teams to navigate the choppy waters of faith and politics during an election cycle. We have a massive opportunity to bring the goodness of God into these conversations or to leave people feeling alienated. Learn five top tips to help your conversations be filled with grace and truth and leave people feeling heard and honored.

Lessons in Evangelism from MLK’s nonviolent Movement

Speaker: Josh Williams, Associate National Director of Evangelism and Justice, Vineyard USA

How should the Church respond in the face of injustice? Hear how lessons from Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolent movement provide tools to speak out against injustice while presenting a compelling case for the gospel. Josh Williams, associate national director for evangelism and justice for Vineyard USA will host this workshop where you will hear stories and learn tangible practices for engaging injustice while extending the invitation for people to encounter Jesus.

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