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Alpha Youth Series Refresh

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The Alpha Youth Series Refresh is designed to engage students in conversations about life, faith, and Jesus. Discussion time is interspersed throughout the short talks to make it simpler for them to share their thoughts and questions.

The refresh includes updated couch conversation breaks with Gen Z, an updated student-led Alpha kit, new promotional resources to help promote Alpha, new social graphics and videos, new prayer cards, and invitation cards.

13 Talks – 9 weeks / Ben Woodman & Jason Ballard

The brand-new Alpha Youth Series has been totally reimagined for today’s youth culture. Through 13 sessions filmed in Vancouver, London, Paris, Rome, Israel, and many other incredible locations, the Alpha Youth Series explores timeless questions about life, faith, and God for a new generation. The series offers compelling stories, images, questions, and discussion topics well spread throughout each episode to engage youth better, helping them think about how these issues relate to their lives as they discuss them with their friends and leaders.

  • 9 Weeks
  • 13 Sessions
  • Available in 6 languages


Jason and Ben are the main presenters, they are joined by young co-hosts presenting different insights and perspectives in the episodes.

Jason Ballard

Jason is a church planter and pastor of the Way Church in Vancouver, Canada. A few years ago, he helped create the Alpha Youth Series and hired his old youth pastor, Ben, to come work with him. Jason also leads the Canadian Christian Leaders Network (CCLN) and hosts the CCLN podcast. When he is not speaking at events, creating content, and working to inspire and equip leaders, you can find him at home with his wife, Rachael, and three kids.

Ben Woodman

After ten years as a youth pastor and speaker, Ben joined Jason at Alpha Canada to create and host the Alpha Youth Series. He currently devotes his time to coaching youth workers, speaking, and creating content to help make faith come alive for youth, kids, and adults. Ben has a joy and enthusiasm for life that is infectious. He and his wife, Melissa live in Vancouver. Find him on Instagram at @benwoodman.


Jassie Virk

Jassie organized Alpha at her school and now helps other students run it in their schools. She’s a part of the global youth team alongside Ben.

Landry McAllister

Landry is the pastor of youth and young adults at Cariboo Road Christian Fellowship in Burnaby, BC.

Peter Yoon

Peter is a full time youth pastor at Christian Life Assembly, in beautiful Langley, BC.

Nicky Gumbel

Nicky is the pioneer of Alpha, pastor of Holy Trinity Brompton, author of many books including Questions of Life and Searching Issues, and the author of the free Bible reading app Bible in One Year.

What’s included

Alpha comes with everything you need to get started, and everything is available for free.

All episodes via download
Alpha Team Guide (with discussion questions)
Alpha Leader Training
Context-specific tips and tools


This track is full of amazing main-stage speakers who will showcase the power of prayer in every generation, equip you to live a naturally supernatural life and train you to heal as Jesus did. Senior pastors, church leaders, non-profit leaders, this track is you!

Workshops in this Track

Learnings from Asbury on the Power of Prayer

Speaker: Angela Chadwick, Global Director of Prayer, Alpha USA

Alpha’s Global Director of Prayer will interview some of the spiritual leaders involved in the Asbury revival where a chapel worship service caught the attention of our country. You’ll hear stories of how the students were deeply moved by God through the simplest forms of worship and how the leaders made sure the only celebrity on stage was Jesus. You’ll also be amazed by the powerful breakthroughs in young people’s lives through the gentlest of prayers.

Additionally, we will explore how the resurgence of faith in one small American town is relevant to every person in the Church and how it shapes how we share the good news in a good way with this generation.

How to Facilitate Eternal Connections with Jesus

Speaker: Danielle Strickland, Spiritual Leader, Justice Advocate, Communicator, Peacemaker

Encounter is God’s favorite way to spiritual revelation. Why do we emphasize information-formation as our primary means of discipleship? What if we put more time, energy, and effort into facilitating more encounters? Be prepared to discuss together how cultivating curiosity becomes a means to do just that. We will talk techniques, experiences, and new ideas.

Everyday Miracles

Speakers: Dr. Chloe Swart, Associate National Director for Alpha UK, and Dr. Russo Swart, New Wine Cymru Prophetic and Healing Team

This workshop will look at how to heal the sick as a part of our everyday missional lives. Following Chloe’s PhD studying healing miracles in Wales, Chloe found that Christians in Wales were praying for their friends, family, and colleagues, in the gym, in the supermarket, at work; wherever they found themselves, as well as in church services, and Alpha courses. Healing is a missional tool that points toward Jesus. Unpack the theology of healing, while also hearing very practical teaching and demonstration of how to heal the sick in an everyday way.

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