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15 集 – 11週


  • 15 集
  • 11 週






蔡頌輝牧師是來自砂撈越古晉市的馬來西亞籍華裔,目前是德國德累斯頓ECM(歐洲校園事工)的宣教士,致力於服務中國留學生。他和他妻子Amy育有兩個孩子,Abiel (14歲)和 Alissa(11歲)。


於2019年與先生陳忠師一起在美國成立 Best Blessing Foundation非盈利藝術文化機構,致力於藝術文化的宣教事工。憑藉豐富的廣告、短篇小說、紀錄片等拍攝和製作經驗,她最近的作品《覓非播舍之家》共獲得了 9 項國際電影大獎。







Name Alpha USA in your Will

If you are writing your will for the first time, revising your existing plans, or own investment or retirement accounts or life insurance policies, please consider including Alpha USA among your charitable beneficiaries. In your will, you can name Alpha USA the beneficiary of a set amount, a percentage of your estate, or a percentage of your residual estate after you have taken care of your loved ones. If you have already written your will, it is usually very easy to create a codicil, or amendment, to your will. A codicil with specific changes, witnessed and notarized, is typically accepted into probate with the original will. If you need specific language to include in your will, contact the Vice President of Development at 1-800-362-5742 or

Annuities and Other Life Income Gifts

Alpha USA can help you establish a charitable gift annuity that will pay you or a loved one an annual income for life. The remainder of the investment, when you no longer need it, goes to Alpha USA.

If you are a younger donor, a deferred gift annuity can help you plan for your retirement. By investing now and deferring the start of income payments until you reach retirement age, your initial investment has more time to grow.

In either case, the donor receives a tax deduction for part of the initial investment, plus a guaranteed revenue stream that is partially tax-free. Alpha USA receives the remainder. Each charitable gift annuity is unique to the circumstances of the donor. To learn more, discuss your options, or receive a customized annuity illustration, please contact the Vice President of Development at 1-800-362-5742 or

IRA and Stock Gifts

Owners of Individual Retirement Accounts must begin taking Required Minimum Distributions at age 70 1⁄2. After that, a permanent tax provision allows you to make gifts to Alpha USA and other qualified charities directly from your IRA. These gifts are subtracted from your Required Minimum Distributions and do not count as revenue on your taxes. Because this type of gift actually reduces your income, it offers tax benefits even if you do not itemize your deductions.

Giving stock directly to Alpha USA may allow you to increase your gift and your tax deduction. When you give stock shares, you generally take a tax deduction for the full fair market value, which may be more than your original investment. Giving stock may offer significant advantage over giving cash, or selling your appreciated securities and contributing the after-tax proceeds.

Please contact Finance at 1-800-362-5742 and let us know the type of stock and the number of shares you plan to donate. This will allow us to properly track your donation and ensure that it is transferred correctly and that you are properly credited and acknowledged.

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