Our Lead Team

Meet our executive team who collectively drive Alpha USA's vision and strategy. Along with our national and regional staff, our executive team works with churches across the country to make Alpha accessible to anyone, anywhere.


Craig Springer
Executive Director

Craig has a strong personal history with Alpha from his time at Willow Creek Community Church (he was the Lead Pastor of the first campus to start Alpha) and Cherry Hills Community Church where he was an Executive and Teaching Pastor. He and his wife Sarah, were also church planters in Prague, Czech Republic.
Craig has a deep passion for the local church and a broad personal church background including Vineyard churches, Willow Creek, evangelical Presbyterian churches, and international church planting. As a result, he views Alpha as a vital tool for all churches.
He is a husband to Sarah and father to two children, Isaiah and Isabelle. They enjoy spending time as a family hiking and skiing in the mountains of Colorado (and let’s be honest; plenty of grocery shopping and suburb hopping too). They love to party, play and dig into the everyday challenges of life together. 

Sean Hogan
Chief Operating Officer

Sean brings an interesting mix of business savvy and experience along with heart development and culture shaping.  Sean has a history of serving within the church in youth and evangelism ministry at Willow Creek. He will bring a unique blend of task and process capability along with developing the heart and team and DNA of Alpha USA. 

Todd Proctor
Church Networks Director

While he was the senior pastor at Rock Harbor Church in Southern California, Todd moved from being an Alpha skeptic to an enthusiastic supporter. He plays a valuable role on the ground in developing innovative ideas for strategy, vision and prayer, and developing networks with senior church leaders, key partners and donors.

John Wentz
Ministry Director

John oversees all church facing staff and activity, including regional directors, specialty directors and central training staff. He develops best practices for training, assisting and coaching churches. John and his team oversee church partnerships and the evolution of the regional office model.



Dane Sanders
U.S. Ambassador for Alpha

Dane champions Alpha in the U.S., with particular focus on our key partner relationships. Dane is also a noted author and speaker, has served and taught at Biola University and Westmont College, and was a pastor at Rock Harbor Church in Southern California.