From Her Head To Her Heart

“I had never experienced a space where I could actually ask questions.” 

Annabel moved to New York to pursue a career in acting. “I was so focused on doing everything right for my career,” she said. “It was my entire life, my entire focus.” 

Just months after her transition, the pandemic began. “I fell into a really dark place,” she said. “My whole world just fell apart.”  

“I was struggling with the loss of my parents’ marriage, and I had also lost a friend to suicide. I was in just about the lowest place you could imagine.”  

A friend called to check in, and Annabel opened up about the struggles she was facing. The friend invited Annabel to participate in Alpha, and she agreed.  

“I had never experienced a space where I could actually ask questions,” Annabel said. “The leaders were really taking such great care of us. There was so much love pouring out of these people.”  

Through the videos and small group discussions, Annabel came to understand who Jesus is. She said, “It was finally the moment where all of this information I had learned about the character of Jesus and about what it means to be a Christian took that 18-inch journey from my head to my heart.”  

“Jesus to me is now a friend. A friend who is persistent and patient. Someone who only wants good things for you. He is someone that is okay with all of the questions and all of the messiness of your life. I get to know more and more of who Jesus is every time I say ‘yes’ to him.”  

“He went from being a really good teacher to me to becoming the center of my world.”  

Hear Annabel tell about her experience with Alpha in her own words.

Alpha can help you create a space, like the one Annabel experienced, for your community. Take a look at how we can equip you to run Alpha in your church, ministry, or home here.

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