Alpha Conference Speaker: David Kinnaman

Barna Group has conducted more than one million interviews over the course of hundreds of studies, and has become a go-to source for insights about faith and culture, leadership and vocation, and generations. What really defines Barna’s work is how they make this research applied and helpful to leaders as they try and make sense of what is happening in our times.

Barna and Alpha will release a joint study on trends in evangelism—exclusively at The Alpha Conference 2019. There you will hear from, David Kinnaman, President of the Barna Group and author of the best selling books Good FaithYou Lost Me and unChristian. He will unpack some of the questions and new insights that surfaced through this exciting research.

Hear from David and other powerful speakers at The Alpha Conference 2019!

One of the areas of specialty for us is understanding the perspectives of the next generation…

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