Giving to Transform Lives

It’s Giving Tuesday, a day known for generosity and giving back. Today, we remember how generously God has given to us. We think of the men and women whose generosity with their words, their lives, and their finances made it possible for us to be where we are today, for us to know the great love of God.  

We also think of the stories of those whose lives have been changed because of the generosity of all those who support Alpha—stories like Sophia’s.  

Sophia grew up with her mother, sister, and grandmother. Her mother worked two jobs to support them, and her grandmother was often sick. She grew up believing life was hard, and she often felt afraid. When violence in their neighborhood increased, that fear increased as well.  

Sophia noticed that her friends who followed Jesus seemed to have a peace and strength to face difficult experiences, and she wondered about it. She wanted that kind of strength; she was tired of being afraid. So, when a friend invited her to attend Alpha at their church, she decided to check it out. 

Going to Alpha really did help,” she said. “I got close to God, and I started talking to him more. I knew he was listening to me. When something bad happens to me, I pray. Somehow, because of him, I know he’s helping me, and it gets better.” 

Sophia committed her life to Jesus at Alpha! Now, she generously wants to share the peace she’s found with others. She said, “I wish I could bring every single person, and they would realize how beautiful it is to be with God. When you give your life to Christ and you are finally with God, it’s unlimited happiness.” 

Giving to Alpha brings about this kind of change in thousands of lives every year. And then they multiply as those who have experienced a transforming relationship with Jesus share this good news with those around them.  

When we experience the grace, love, joy, and power of Jesus in our lives, we can’t help wanting to share that with others. Thank you for sharing what you’ve been given! Thank you for making it possible to continue this work. Thank you for supporting Alpha so that others, like Sophia and her friends, can experience Jesus. 

Would you consider giving to Alpha today? 

Giving today helps people come to know Jesus, allowing Alpha USA to equip ministries for free so they can provide Alpha in their communities. And, in order to inspire the generosity of others, a foundation has offered a challenge grant of up to $40,000! Your donation can make twice the impact. 

Thank you for joining us in this Kingdom-building work.  I WANT TO GIVE

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